Hopping to the Spotlight

One of my favorite things about hiking is getting to interact with the beautiful creatures around you. Around this time last Spring I was meandering through Chewacla—a park in Auburn, Alabama—when I came across these social fellows.



Both Fowler’s toads, the toad pictured on top held a darker pigmentation, causing him to beautifully stand out against the moss.


These kinds of toads can easily be identified in the wild not only due to their markings but because of their unique song and chirp.

A native to North America, these animals spend a majority of their life on land. However, at the time of mating, they will return to shallow waters to find a mate and obtain an area to lay eggs.

These two were quite social when being handled, and had no problem striking a pose for the camera.

I plan to hike the same trail on Friday, and, needless to say,  I’m feeling froggy.

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