Cubs Corner

Cubs Corner is an education zone focused on children ages 5-12! We have lots of fun activities for you to try (either solo or with a parent) and hope you never stop wanting to learn more about the world around us.

Did you know that only four types of animals have offspring referred to as cubs? Indeed! These animals include: Bears, Badgers, Big Cats, and Raccoons.

What are you in the mood to discover today?

Experience the many different fields of science with our interactive badge system. All beginning badges are available at the start of your journey, with more to be collected along the way!

Explore our different available topics in the ‘Let’s Learn’ section!

Upon completion of levels, learners receive printable badges that fit standard 3 x 3 inch buttons as well as a certificate of completion! Certificates can be generic with an organism photo, or can be customized by sending a photo to our email:

Tag us with your badge on on our social pages!

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