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At Compassion Crossing, our team’s goal is to fuel rehabilitation and conservation efforts through education of living world.

As our planet continues into a path of global climate change, habitable ranges for organisms are being shifted, or are completely erased. These changes also impact available food and other resources used by these individuals, which can result in a loss of a species altogether. Education of current scientific research and the organisms involved has been shown to directly impact an area’s ability to effectively spread awareness about environmental issues and encourage others to take direct action, be that through personal measures or city/state-wide.

There are many educational opportunities on the site, including written and video series to follow, a scholarly archive of important papers in scientific literature, and many other educational activities and displays tucked away for your enjoyment. We are happy to also include a children-centered educational program, Cubs Corner.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an indoor companion hobbyist, researcher, or lifelong learner, there are plenty of facets to enjoy on Compassion Crossing. Thank you for supporting our platform and helping us bridge the gap between the scientific community and the citizen scientists among us.

Your continued support means a lot! Donations to compassion crossing go back into platform and material continuation as well as supporting those groups that help organisms worldwide.

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