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Kaleigh Arnold

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Hello all! My name is Kaleigh and I am a part of the crew here on Compassion Crossing. I am interested in Antarctica, ecological and evolutionary transitions, and zoological collections preservation and research. In my free time I like to visit Museums in Chicago, paint, and take care of my various houseplants.

I am currently a graduate student researcher at DePaul University in the Aguirre lab. My current research is focusing on spinal anomalies that may arise in fish due to climate change. Along with this I am also a teaching assistant at DePaul, assisting in molecular laboratory set ups, as well as leading general biology labs.

I earned a Bachelors in Science degree at Loyola University Chicago, where I was a part of the Grande Lab which focuses on fish evolution. I have also been a volunteer at the Field Museum, where I was able to assist in wet bird collections preservation.


JMIH Annual Conference 2022 Poster Presentation
Spokane, WA

DePaul University Graduate Showcase, 2022
Poster Presentation
Chicago, IL

Professional Memberships

ASIH Liason, 2023

ASIH Book Raffle Sub-Committee

ASIH Workship Sub-Committee Member

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Reach out to Kaleigh by email, karnol26@depaul.edu, or using the social icons below.


The Impact of Temperature Induced Vertebral Anomalies on C-Start Swimming Performance On Temperature Anomalies in Astyanax Mexicanus

Master’s Thesis | DePaul University | 2023

Kaleigh Arnold, Windsor E. Aguirre

Advisement Committee: Terry Grande (Loyola University), Jason Bystriansky (DePaul University)

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