Current Research

A master’s thesis on a 12s Environmental (eDNA) Assessment of and the Establishment of a 12s, 16s, and COI Genetic Reference Library for, Neotropical Freshwater Fishes of Western Ecuador

Study Region:

The Guayas River Basin is a low elevation flood plain in Western Ecuador. The region is characterized by high levels of freshwater fish endemism (34%; Jiménez-Prado and Valdiviezo-Rivera, 2021), many of which contribute to the greater 40% of freshwater fish biodiversity that resides in the neotropics (Sales et al., 2021.)

Integrated Fields of Research
Conservation Biology, Molecular Ecology, Evolutionary Biology

Project Duration
1 Year – Project Development and Field Preparation, 1 Month – Field Sampling, 1 Year – Data Analyses and Manuscript Construction

12s Environmental DNA (eDNA) Metabarcoding

Establishment of a genetic reference library for all freshwater fish species of Western Ecuador at three loci: 12s, 16s, and COI. This library will be paired with a bioinformatic pipeline for taxonomic analysis.

5 Rivers in Western Ecuador, 5 Target Taxa; Vast Data Pool for Future Analyses in Human Health, Fishery and Wildlife Conservation Management, and Ecological Survey Applications

Quick Links: Literature Cited

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Sales, Naiara Guimarães, Owen Simon Wangensteen, Daniel Cardoso Carvalho, Kristy Deiner, Kim Præbel, Ilaria Coscia, Allan D. McDevitt, and Stefano Mariani. “Space-Time Dynamics in Monitoring Neotropical Fish Communities Using EDNA Metabarcoding.” Science of The Total Environment 754 (February 2021): 142096.

Poster Presentation | DePaul University Graduate Student Showcase 2022