Aaron Johnson

Writer, Media Contributor

About Me

Hi, my name is Aaron Johnson! Having grown up in Jakarta, Indonesia, I found my fascination for marine biology and scuba diving in the waters of Indonesia. 2012 I moved to the United States to attend DePaul Universities Film program in Chicago, Illinois. In 2016 I graduated with a bachelor of arts in Digital Cinema with a concentration in documentary filmmaking.

I worked for years in the documentary scene in Chicago while volunteering at the Shedd Aquarium. I frequently returned home to assist in various research projects such as the Gili Shark Conservation Project and the Indonesia Biru Foundation. I developed a passion for underwater photography and science communication in these research programs.

I am pursuing a bachelor of science in biology with a concentration in ecology and evolution. I am assisting in Dr. Kenshu Shimada’s vertebrate paleontology laboratory and researching the paleoecology of the Tarrant Rock Formation. I hope to continue my education in graduate school and continue to focus on connecting marine biology and science communication. 

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